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Ukrainian sailor sinks Russian alarm boat Mallorca

Ukrainian sailor sinks Russian alarm boat Mallorca

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Sailor Lady Anastasia served on the ship for almost ten years. The 7 million euro boat is located in El Toro’s Marina in Mallorca. Worth it. It was owned by the wealthy Russian Alexander Mijiv. He was the CEO of the Russian Helicopter Corporation, which mainly manufactures helicopters for the Russian military. In 2016, Miju became director of Vladimir Putin’s arms factory. Both companies are part of the state-owned Rostech, which has 15 active shares in aviation, weapons and electronics.


The Ukrainian sailor went crazy after watching on TV a Russian missile strike on an apartment building in Ukraine. In particular it was understood that this rocket was manufactured by his employer’s company. He was intent on revenge. He opened the valves in the engine compartment and another box on the ship and found it.

The Ukrainian warned three crew to abandon the ship. They started screaming crazy. He then reminded them that they were also Ukrainians and that he would accept full responsibility. Nevertheless, the team, along with some people from the port, tried to prevent the water from leaking.

When police arrived, the sailor told authorities that the owner of the ship was an earner by selling weapons to kill Ukrainians.

The ship was significantly damaged. The sailor was arrested but released pending trial.


This luxury yacht was built by Auckland Sensation Shipyards in New Zealand. She is 47 meters long, has three decks finished in teak and is capable of sailing 23 knots. Everything on the boat is luxurious and designed to accommodate up to ten guests in five rooms. It also provides space for a group of nine. Hull is made of aluminum with polyester superstructure. The boat has two Caterpillar diesel engines with a capacity of 2,650 hp. It allows you to travel comfortably in 21 days and reach a maximum speed of 23 knots.

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