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Ukrainian soldier blows himself up with bridge to stop Russian tanks

Ukrainian soldier blows himself up with bridge to stop Russian tanks

In wartime there are always heroic deeds. There is also the story of Vitaly Volodyrovich Skakun. A Ukrainian soldier volunteered to blow up a bridge and was killed in the process. He is now honored by the Staff of the Ukrainian Army.

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To stop the advance of a column of tanks, the Ukrainian army decided to blow up the Henichesk Bridge, near the Crimea. Military officer Vitaly Volodirovich Skakun volunteered to perform the task, army officers wrote on Facebook.

He was able to place explosives, but did not have time to escape by himself. According to his comrades, Vitaly reported that he was going to blow up the bridge, after which an explosion was heard almost immediately. the man died. His heroic action significantly slowed down the enemy’s advance, allowing the unit to rearrange and organize its defenses.

Vitaly is called the “hero of the moment” on Facebook and people are already asking to give the guy a prize. “The Russian occupiers, know that the earth will burn under your feet! We will fight as long as we live! As long as we live we will fight!”, the army closed the center.

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