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Unknown Number promises a whole new kind of experience, and it goes even further with demo

You can control video games with your own hands. With a mouse and keyboard, motion controls, or just a good old gamepad. But what if there was another way?

godolphin is testing just that with Unknown Number, a title of a new type called First-Person Talkers. These are games where you fully control as a player with your voice, which in this case takes place via an in-game phone.

“We’ve been talking about first-person speakers for a while now. The response tends to be positive (thanks mom), but we always get the same question: How exactly does the gameplay work? At the end of the day, nothing can answer This question is better than the real game. And today, finally, we can offer that. A chance to experience “the real thing” for yourself with a real Steam demo. Plus a new game trailer showing a real person facing the game in real life. Come on the doubters, we spoil you !” said Creative Director Thomas Kean.

Are you curious about the unknown number now? Then you can go to sliwill Go, a fictional website where you can learn more about the game if you search carefully. This is the taste of the ARG elements that accompany the game’s sound controls and require players to connect clues to solve puzzles.

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