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Unstable weather again: chance of thunderstorms, torrential showers, and the occasional showdown |  Weather News

Unstable weather again: chance of thunderstorms, torrential showers, and the occasional showdown | Weather News

Saturday afternoon is evident in many places in our country, but there is also the opportunity to take a bath, which can locally be accompanied by thunderstorms. Maximum temperatures range between 8 and 15 degrees, according to RMI reports. The coming days also promise a slight improvement. The Republic of the Marshall Islands said: “There may already be some rain today with some thunders, but the instability will be greater tomorrow.”

The maxima fluctuates between 8 degrees on high Fens and between 12 and 14 degrees elsewhere. The winds blow moderate from the south and shift from southwest to west during the afternoon.

Saturday evening there might be a few heavy rain, again with a possibility of thunderstorms. The chance of rain overnight remains high, with lows ranging between 4 and 9 degrees.

Sunday It becomes unstable again with heavy water and rain during the day. Rain can be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail. Maximums fluctuate between 11 and 16 degrees. Also, on Sunday night, the chance of rain remains high and winds increase.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands will also warn of thunderstorms on Sunday with a yellow symbol. “In many places there will be heavy showers (more than 10 liters per square meter in one hour), which could be accompanied by thunderstorms or possibly hail. Moreover, strong (very local) winds are also possible,” according to RMI. The yellow symbol is applied in all provinces, from morning until evening.

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Yellow symbol for thunderstorms. © KMI

Monday It becomes volatile with intense showers at times which can be accompanied by thunderstorms. Temperatures remain cold with a maximum of between 11 and 15 degrees. The wind blows moderate.

Also Tuesday It becomes variable at times severely cloudy with the possibility of thunderstorms. The maximum lies between 11 and 15 degrees, with moderate westerly to southwesterly winds.

Unstable weather

And the unstable weather will continue until the end of next week, according to the Royal Institute. Yesterday, several places have already been established in Flanders Severe storm. Lightning and heavy rains caused torrential floods. Streets were flooded, basements flooded, and lightning strikes several homes.

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