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Urban mobility - local administration

Urban mobility – local administration

Urban insight. Which way now? Healthy options for our streets and cities. Shared velocity as a new design strategy for urban mobility.

Design a city where all transportation is equal to one another. Whether you walk, bike, drive or take public transportation; With Shared Speed, everyone in the city has the same amount of space, regardless of how fast they are moving. This new perspective, in which motorized traffic in the city no longer plays the leading role, allows residents to move freely and with greater health. In Urban Insight’s latest report, Healthy Choices for Our Streets and Towns, engineering consultancy Sweco advances shared speed as a new design strategy for urban mobility.

By working on the streets at different speeds, the Swedish and Norwegian authors of the report not only anticipate lower emissions, fewer accidents and less stress; In this way, urban planners and architects are also forced to look at the city in new ways, with everyday amenities close at hand.

T Field District

A place in the Netherlands to see this principle T Field District In Eindhoven. Sweco has developed a sustainable mobility plan for this new area, whereby around 670 rental homes in the inexpensive and mid-priced segment will be placed in clusters (“rooms”) dotted across the landscape. Plenty of space is being made available for environmentally conscious transportation alternatives and residents still commute without a private vehicle. Various types of transportation hubs provide residents with a wide range of options, such as bicycles, electric scooters, public transport connections, and shared electric cars. Parking space is available only on the edges of the rooms. It is precisely cycling and walking paths that lead to homes and public transport facilities. Cars for guests only in Buurtschap Te Veld; The neighborhood is designed in a way that is no longer necessary to keep residents moving.

Urban insight

Healthy Choices for Our Streets and Our Cities is the first in a series of three reports Sweco will publish in 2021 from Urban Insight, which this year focuses on the theme of well-being. Urban Insight is Sweco’s 10-year international knowledge program focused on challenges in the City of the Future. Together with clients, partners and society, we develop and share data and facts about developments in European cities, from the point of view of their residents.

50 to 70% of urban public space is now reserved for motorized traffic. But the city is not for cars, it is for residents. The space now occupied by highways in the city offers a lot of possibilities. It could also be a place where noise, air quality, and other environmental hazards are kept below a healthy threshold, where the streets become accommodations rather than just driving, and where cars are guests and where the dominant users are no longer in public spaces, says Susan Groot Gibbink, Business Director, Healthy and Safe City. In response to the report.

Download the white paper here