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US and UK oppose Russia over Navalny: ‘Perverted and Kafkeski’

Moscow judge’s verdict puts even more pressure on relations between Russia and US as President Biden reverses his turn First big trip Started. Biden will meet with President Putin in Switzerland on Wednesday. He is expected to lift the ban on Navalny’s organization.

Britain is hitting a tighter tone against Russia than the US. Secretary of State Rob That results Kafkeski attacks “perverts” and “those who stand up against corruption and open communities”

He emphasized that the silence on political opposition in Russia was part of a model. Rob also called for the immediate release of Navalny and his opponents Journalists Recently arrested. “Russia is failing Member of the International Community “.

“Let’s fix it”

Navalny is with him through his team A report on Instagram Replied. In it, he announced that he would continue the struggle despite his movement being banned. He called on his supporters to continue to support him. “We are evolving. We are transforming.”

He announced that he would continue to fight for his views. “This is our country, we have no one else. Please stay with us. Follow what we do and support us. We really need that support.”

Also, Navalny scolded her in the courtroom. He called the investigation a corruption scandal. “He steals, bribes and invests his money in foreign villas and hotels. He defends the right of Putin and his officials to live that way. They plunder land and people for a living of luxury.”

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Smart voting

Moreover, Navalny invited his supporters to participate in his smart voting system. The aim is to elect Putin’s United Russia opponents as strategically as possible in the election.

A new State Duma, called the parliament, is due to be elected in Russia by September 19 this year. In the previous election, in 2016, United Russia won three-quarters of the vote.