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US President Joe Biden Vladimir Putin The …

US President Joe Biden Vladimir Putin The …

US President Joe Biden will tell Russian President Vladimir Putin at their first summit on June 16 that the United States will not allow Russia to violate human rights.

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“I will meet with President Putin in Geneva in two weeks and make it clear that we will not stand because they violate these rights,” Biden said in a speech on the day of the holiday to pay tribute to the soldiers who died for the country.

The president also recalled a lengthy telephone conversation with his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping, in February. “I made it clear to him that we have no choice but to defend human rights around the world because of who we are.”

“America is unique. This is an idea, ”he stressed. “It is clear to us that men and women are born equal.”

On June 16, Biden met with Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, and now the relationship between the two powers is very tense. The US President is taking a strong stance on Russia. He wants to underline the gap with his predecessor Donald Trump. However, he also emphasizes dialogue.

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