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US Supreme Court upholds Texas law …


The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday upheld Texas law banning abortion six weeks after becoming pregnant. Judges said abortion providers have the right to challenge the law in federal court. The verdict is that the case will be returned to the district court for further action. This opens up the possibility of the law being suspended.

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Texas’ abortion law has been in effect for more than three months. On September 1, the Supreme Court gave the green light to the law. Since then, women in Texas have crossed the state border to terminate their pregnancy after six weeks. There is no other way for women in poverty without wealth.

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Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The law prohibits abortion as soon as the fetal heartbeat is detected, but a woman is often unaware that she is six weeks pregnant. In other parts of the United States, abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks of gestation.

Conservative forces will allow abortion until this principled 1973 Supreme Court ruling (Judgment Roe v. Wade) makes the fetus impossible. A lawsuit is pending in the Supreme Court over the state of Mississippi’s abortion law.

An extraordinary feature of Texas law is that individuals can go to civil court against anyone who aids abortion. It ranges from a taxi driver taking a woman to an abortion clinic to parents helping finance their daughter’s pregnancy.

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