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USA with McNaldy, Gradock and Winter to the Olympics

USA with McNaldy, Gradock and Winter to the Olympics

Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 8:09 p.m.

The American Cycling Federation has announced which riders will travel to Tokyo for next summer’s Olympics. The men’s road team includes Brandon McNulty and Lawson Gradock. Ruth Winder, Goren Rivera, Leah Thomas, Amber Neben and Close Diggert were the women selected.

Winter, Riviera, Thomas and Digert are guaranteed to compete in the Olympic road race. Digert, who was the world champion against the clock two years ago, will also defend the American honor rave with Neban in the time trial. Now 46, Neben is twice as good as the world in time trial in his rich life.

Chef Goose is one of the candidates for a place in the US election. He competed with Gradock, Ian Garrison, Alex Howes, McNaldy, Nielsen Powell and Tejay van Gardner. Two places On the road trip. Guz previously told the U.S. selection committee that he was not. So the choice has fallen on McNaldy and Gradock, who will compete in the time trial.

Kate Courtney, Haley Baden, Chloe Woodruff and Chris Flevens are all set to ensure Mountain Bike success in Tokyo. Digert, Jennifer Valente, Maddie Godby, Megan Jastrop, Emma White, Lily Williams, Adrian Heckvery and Kevin Hoover make up the US track selection for the game.

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