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Vaccination commitment for Qantas Australian employees |  abroad

Vaccination commitment for Qantas Australian employees | abroad

Australian airline Qantas Airways wants all employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Qantas wants to prevent the spread of the virus.

Cabin crew, pilots and airport workers have until November 15 to be fully vaccinated, while the rest of the staff will have until March 31 next year. Exceptions may be made for medical reasons, but Qantas expects this to be rare. Individuals who do not want to be vaccinated run the risk of expulsion. The procedure also applies to the Jetstar subsidiary.

“A fully vaccinated workforce will protect our employees from the virus, as well as our customers and the communities we travel to,” said Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO. “Vaccines are clearly the only way to end the cycle of lockdown and border closures.”

The majority of employees are in favor of

According to Qantas, a poll showed that the vast majority of employees support compulsory vaccination. The company had earlier said that all international travelers should be vaccinated. Australia has almost closed its external borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other airlines such as United Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines from Hong Kong have made vaccination commitments to employees.