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Vacuum cleaners for carpets, rugs and other soft floors

Vacuum cleaners for carpets, rugs and other soft floors

Carpets and rugs make a room very comfortable, but they have one major drawback: they are highly susceptible to dirt and dust. So regular vacuuming is essential if you have a beautiful rug or rug in your home. Which vacuum cleaners are best suited for this type of surface and how do they remove dust as best as possible?

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If you want to enjoy your carpet or rug for as long as possible, regular vacuuming is rule number one. If you don't, the material will quickly become dirty and dull due to the daily amount of dirt and dust it collects. In the case of deep-pile carpets, too little vacuuming will flatten the hair, causing it to lose its warm appearance. For smooth floors, it is recommended to vacuum at least once or twice a week, depending on the material used. A deep pile rug has longer hairs and therefore retains dust better – twice a week is a minimum. Short-pile rugs, on the other hand, get dirty less quickly and only require vacuuming once a week.

In addition to how often you vacuum, there are a number of things to pay attention to when vacuuming soft floors. Such as the nozzle you use, suction power, and vacuuming tactics.


Modern vacuum cleaners usually come with a variety of nozzles. We often ignore these nozzles, and out of convenience (and a bit of ignorance), we clean the entire house with a standard suction nozzle. This is unfortunate, because those extra horns actually have added value. For carpets or rugs, it is best to use the turbo nozzle: the rotating electric brush nozzle. Due to the rotating motion, this type of nozzle penetrates deeper into the carpet fibres, effectively removing dust and dirt. This also makes the turbo nozzle ideal if you have (shedding) pets. You can also use turbo nozzles Purchase separately.

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Do you have a short-pile carpet or rug? In principle, you can also use a standard compound brush, but make sure that it is placed on the carpet and that the suction power is increased.

Suction power

Vacuum cleaners with adjustable suction power are ideal for smooth floors. This type of flooring generally requires higher suction power than hardwood flooring; Only in this way can deep dust particles be adequately absorbed from the carpet. Dust stuck to carpet hair is also removed more easily thanks to the high suction power. This does not mean that you have to set the suction power to maximum on every smooth surface. With short-pile carpets, the suction power can be slightly lower – making an immediate difference to your energy consumption. If you feel that the vacuum is pulling on the carpet a little, you are in the right place.


Nowadays we do everything quickly, quickly, quickly, and vacuuming is definitely not a task that we like to take the time to do. However, it is wise to use the brakes while vacuuming carpets. By slowly moving the nozzle back and forth, the vacuum cleaner has enough time to suck up hard-to-reach dust. This also prevents you from damaging the carpets. In addition, try to measure each surface twice. You can do this, for example, by vacuuming carpets in two passes: first vertically, then horizontally. This way you can make sure you take all the dirt with you.

Additional tips

🧹 To have a smooth and expansive floor, it is important that you can reach everything easily. So, move the furniture first before vacuuming the carpets.
🧹 Especially with carpeted floors in your home, you also want to empty the vacuum bag (or trash can) as much as possible. This fills up quickly due to the large amount of dust, which reduces the suction power of the vacuum.
🧹Also clean your vacuum cleaner filters regularly and check the hose immediately for any blockages. This way you keep your vacuum in top condition, which also keeps your carpet or rug more beautiful and lasting longer.

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