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Van den Berg faces a crucial game in the Premier League, commentator Eric Clarisse: "For me Demi is the best player in the tournament" |  Darts in the Premier League

Van den Berg faces a crucial game in the Premier League, commentator Eric Clarisse: “For me Demi is the best player in the tournament” | Darts in the Premier League

Dimitri van den Berg (26) knows what to do tonight. Our compatriot must beat Johnny Clayton to reach the semi-finals of the Premier League. Darts commentator Eric Clarisse looks forward. “Demi is one of the last four.”

She makes or breaks tonight for “Dancing Dimi”. Winning alone is enough to secure a place in the Round of Four. VTM commentator Erik Clarys predicts: “It’s going to be a latest model competition.” “The look of the day will determine a lot. Demi has to win, and that creates extra pressure. Any situation can get critical. Demi also has to break Clayton at least once. And when the Welshman is doing well, that can be next to impossible.” It will be very difficult. I give Clayton a 51% chance to advance, and Demi a 49% chance. Clayton is the man in the figure. Don’t forget that he was previously hinted as a potential winner in the tournament, hey. “

But Clarisse sees a huge advantage for van den Berg. “He always won easily in previous matches against Clayton. Clayton is the opponent who lies to Demi. How can some opponents suit you better? If you play against an opponent with the same rhythm, you always play better. You can lose your focus against a player who throws slowly.” Or walking on the board. ”

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Clarice says that whatever happens tonight, Van den Berg can be proud of his performance in the Premier League. “Demi is the most consistent player. In his last five matches, he averaged over 100 four times, which is great. He just didn’t always give him enough points, because his opponent outdid himself.”

Promising future

“Look, to me Demi is the best and most regular player in the entire tournament,” Clarisse continues. “Better than Van Gerwen. He sometimes cast an alien, but sometimes sub-par. De Souza was not present at the start of the Premier League, and Espinal and Clayton suffered many ups and downs. If the tournament ends today for Van den Berg, he could look back on the success of the Premier League. Play a high-level tournament. He can build on this. He is only 26 years old and has a bright future. Even after this Premier League, he will still be showing great things. ”

‘Dancing Dimi’ will play Clayton tonight around 10.20 pm. The game can be watched live on VTM 2.

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