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Van Riel on Blumenfelt's 'ridiculous' performance: 'Riding 180 km at 53 km/h in particular is exceptional' |  triathlon

Van Riel on Blumenfelt’s ‘ridiculous’ performance: ‘Riding 180 km at 53 km/h in particular is exceptional’ | triathlon

Norway’s Christian Blumenfelt, 28, achieved a major feat yesterday by completing a full triathlon in under 7 hours. “It takes our sport to another level,” says fellow triathlete Martin van Riel.

Swim 3.8 km at 48’21”, bike 180 km at 3h24’22” and run a marathon at 2h30’50”. Good for a 6h44’25 finish time.

These are the crazy numbers for Christian Blumenfelt yesterday during the specially organized Ironman race with the hares at Lausitzring in Germany.

“This once again proves how Blumenfelt takes our sport to another level,” responds our compatriot Martin Van Riel.

“Bloemenfelt traveled 180 kilometers at an average of under 53 kilometers per hour. While riding, he had rabbits that would not have been in any Iron Man. But even then, that average remains exceptional.”

Blumenfelt had rabbits while cycling, but his average is still phenomenal

Martin Van Riel

How does cycling with rabbits work? Like a time trial team?

“Bloemenfelt was among a group of 8 pros at the right time, including pro cyclist Alex Dowsett (still the hourly world record holder in 2015),” van Riel says.

“During those 180 kilometers, these riders have been circling in such a way that Bloemenfelt is always out of the wind.”

“That way, Blummenfelt was still able to run a good marathon after that.”

Van Riel: “It was like a two-hour Kipchoge marathon”

“Yesterday we saw an optimization of all events in order to reach a ridiculous end time.”

“In swimming, for example, I saw that Blumenfelt was behind someone who did not move his legs much. In this way Blumenfelt was disturbed as little as possible by the hard blow of his predecessor.”

“In this way, yesterday was a bit like Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon 3 years ago.”

What is the secret of Blumenfelt? “He and the Norwegians especially excel in their preparation,” van Riel says.

“They approach many things differently. You can also see that in their preparation for such an event.”

“Their bike is a special model, which I personally think is very ugly. But all things can be an innovation in the sport.”

Van Riel: “I’m going to steal some ideas from Blumenfelt”

How does Van Riel himself view Blumenfelt’s performance as the top three player and competitor?

“I find it inspiring. It makes me hungry to bring out the best in myself.”

“Now I want to train more hard and work on the details. I hope one day I will also be good at the Ironman distance, but my focus now is on the Olympic distance.”

Van Riel actually beat Blumenfelt this year, at the Iron Man half in Dubai. I will try to steal some ideas from Christian in preparation for the Paris 2024 Games.

“I don’t want to make it easy for Christian in the future,” Van Riel laughs.

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