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Van Wyck, 58, considers quitting: 'I no longer send my resume'

Van Wyck, 58, considers quitting: ‘I no longer send my resume’

Dennis van Wijk is currently without a club, but will be working as an analyst. The Dutchman is not sure if he will accept working as a coach again. He already had many negative experiences in Belgium.

Van Wijk no longer wanted to throw himself on an adventure. “This should really be something I can put my heart into, where there is ambition, where you can do well and not run a dictator,” he explains. sporza. “I myself no longer send my resume, but I have already been asked several times about it. I have already sent my resume to a club abroad several times.”

At the moment, Van Wijk prefers his job as an analyst. ‚ÄúThis is a great job and I like it very much. The level among analysts is also very high in Belgium, I think, much higher than in the Netherlands. This is more focused on presentation and presentation, which I cannot fully relate to. In Belgium, it is It’s fun, by and large, at a high level. I could lose my egg there.”

Van Wijk had already coached Charleroi, Bergen, Antwerp, Berchot and STVV in Belgium. Last year he was active as a coach in KV Ostend.

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