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Vandenbitten: I lock my heart for Real Madrid against Chelsea |  Champions League

Vandenbitten: I lock my heart for Real Madrid against Chelsea | Champions League

Darts in the Champions League quarter-finals. Because we are already looking forward to what is to come in less than two weeks, Peter Vandenbutt estimates the opportunities. “Manchester City and Real Madrid are the favorites for the final.”

Bayern’s Wings have achieved little

The double confrontation between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain was a feast for the football fans. Each in their own way, both clubs presented the scene. “Qualifying for Paris Saint-Germain is certainly not gratuitous, but he is lucky,” says Peter Vandenbutt.

“Mainly because odds and power were so high in the first leg. How Bayern beat Paris Saint-Germain was not natural: the scenery, tempo and volume. Amazingly normal.”

“The way Paris Saint-Germain handled in the second leg was also very good. We saw the best Neymar again. PSG survived easily in the end.”

“Also because Bayern was able to develop a little less pressure. Because Kimmich – who I’m a huge fan of – was a little less. He looked nervous. Because the wings brought very little too.”

“I noticed the latter. Sanet is seen as a super talent, right? But what would happen if he had the ball? The coach has few opportunities to switch. On the bench, names like Ziezer and Stanisic.”

Could we say it would have succeeded if Bayern had been able to count on Lewandowski? “I think so, although it is easy to make such a statement, which can never be proven. Chubu Moting did a good job and scored two goals, but he weighs less and is less involved in teamwork.”

Favorite city in El Cashico?

PSG can recharge against Manchester City, who finally reached the semi-finals after 3 failed attempts in a row. The aliases for that match were already circulating online: El Cashico or El Plastico, because both teams are successful thanks to the many petrodollars from the Middle East.

“It’s clear and the bad that the rules have been broken. It was up to UEFA to sanction that and that didn’t happen. UEFA presidents – or some at least – will now uncomfortably hold these teams with these teams in the semifinals. – the finals.”

“But once the players are ready on the field, I just make that an idea. Then I see two great teams. Both teams are naturally comfortable with the ball. PSG defeated Bayern and couldn’t play in possession, the question is. Whether City will be able to do that. So. “

Paris Saint-Germain and City are naturally comfortable at the ball. Paris Saint-Germain lost to Bayern Munich and couldn’t get the ball, and the question is whether City will be able to do so.

“City is my favorite. I say this mainly on the basis of abandoning Paris Saint-Germain against Bayern Munich and to a lesser extent on the dominance of City. Guardiola’s team is defending much better than Bayern.”

When coaches’ clubs Pochettino and Guardiola met in the quarter-finals of the 2019 UEFA Champions League, he made a great show. Tottenham beat City after a heavy blow in the second leg: 4-3.

“In all other sports, City had already crossed the road. I thought Tottenham were the happiest to reach the Champions League final in 10 years of that year, but you have to give Pochettino a credit as well. Tottenham reached the final through a tactical intervention by the coach against Ajax.” … a contribution from the great Llorente, Ajax did not have any answer. “

“Hold my heart for Real Madrid – Chelsea”

The favorite in the other semi-final comes from Madrid, according to Peter Vandenbebt. “Based on Real Madrid’s current form, experience and competence, I think so.

“In fact, I believe in my heart for those mutual duels. I think we will see matches in which two teams mainly participate with each other. If Real had to play against a team that puts a low block then we have already seen in Spain the League. They can have hard times.”

Real Madrid played against Liverpool itself throughout the entire second half with 11 players 30 meters from their own goal. Thibaut Courtois did well, but in particular Real Madrid were very strong in defense. In the past they needed Ramos for that, and now we see The best nacho and strong militao. “

“Liverpool lacked the ingenuity to get past that defense. They had a few chances, always there, but in reality they only managed to make the impression for 7 minutes that he would continue to work. After those opening minutes it was a deficit match ..”

“Liverpool was a disappointment to me during the two matches.”

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