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Vandy Brook changed: From school hard rock newspaper to success coach Yellow Tigers |  yellow tigers

Vandy Brook changed: From school hard rock newspaper to success coach Yellow Tigers | yellow tigers

Gert Vande Brook’s name is of course well known in volleyball circles, but the general public may have to think twice before they can put down the “George Clooney” of Belgian volleyball. Sporza volleyball commentator Mark Willems paints a picture of Vande Berwick’s centipede, Who, in addition to being a professional at KU Leuven, has also worked in the office of the Muyters Sports Minister, a voting board for Anderlecht coach Vincent Kompany and a successful coach for the Yellow Tigers.

very smart

Paul Rowe, General Manager of Sport Vlaanderen, met Gert Vande Broek at Sportkot in Leuven. Roe was an assistant there at the time, and Vandy Brooke a student.

“What few people know is that Gert, in his high school days, was a left-wing boy with long hair who wrote and published his own Hard Rock newspaper. As a student at Sportkot, he immediately stood out.”

Vande Broek has an athletic past as a swimmer and volleyball player. But with a stroke of fate (and perhaps also with good results) he began his academic career. Teaching and research filling out a part of his agenda. “Gert is one of the most intelligent people I know,” Rowe says.

‘I’d be a stupid idiot to answer this’

When asked if the road to second place in the group after the win over Russia suddenly became a possibility, Gert Vande Brook’s reaction earlier this week was: “I’d be a fool to answer that for tomorrow’s match.”

Interviews with Gert Vande Broek are always interesting. Usually because of what is being said, and often because of the ‘reason’ to say or not say something.

As a coach, Vande Broek is a control freak and knows all too well that his interviews are listened to by his players. So the interviews are often full of well-researched data because he always fears the consequences for his group of players.

So… no trance, no floating, no doing Look ahead, but focus on the next game.

Mix of senior coach and researcher

The combination of the best trainer and scientific researcher is unique. At the university, Vande Broek mainly conducts research in group dynamics, motivation, etc.

In this way he developed a scientific framework within which to train him. Sports psychologist Steve Van Poinbroek also conducts research at KULeuven under Vande Broek.

“Not only do scientific ideas have a beneficial effect on GERT training, but also the opposite. Practicing the training raises great questions for new scientific research,” says Van Buenbroek.

Changed Vandy Brooke

Changed Vandy Brooke

Not a cool frog

Anyone who concludes from Gert Vandy Brook’s logical statements that he is a wonderful frog is mistaken. Like the most intelligent people, he also has doubts, he also looks for confirmation and feedback.

Stef Van Puyenbroeck says: “As a manager, he is very committed to the welfare of his staff. If players have serious problems, he is also there for them. Geert will come in to check when a player is injured.”

Geert is very committed to the welfare of his staff and if players encounter serious problems, he is also there for them.

Sports psychologist Steve Van Boyenbroek

Skiing, coffee and wine

But changed Vandy Brooke also has other talents and interests. He is, for example, an untalented skater, although his fall in 2013 at Serfaus left him with a shattered shoulder, which means he can no longer serve in the to play volleyball.

He is also a coffee lover, but has neither the time nor the desire to delve into the skills of a barista, so he turns to the coffee recommended by Mr. Clooney. And his knowledge of wine can also help many bartenders Blush.

obstruction in the future?

He will one day come, similar to his predecessor in college and in volleyball, the Mart Bakers. Gert Vandy Brooke – if he finds five minutes – will start golfing, too. From then on he will also have a “disability”.

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