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Btw-verlaging voor warmtepompen, warmtepompboilers en zonneboilers

VAT reduction for heat pumps, heat pump boilers and solar boilers

With the temporary reduction of VAT from 21% to 6% recently introduced and better installment conditions in the three regions (mijn Verbouwpremie in Flanders and Renolution in Brussels and the temporary abolition of the mandatory energy audit in Wallonia), it becomes even more. It is interesting to choose a heat pump, heat pump boiler or solar boiler at the end of next year.

If we want to be climate neutral according to the goals of the European Green Deal by 2050 and according to Fit for 55 goals, we want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 55% by 2035 compared to 1990, it is very important for heating, whether it is heating or heating Healthy water can be used in devices that operate on the basis of renewable energy such as the sun or air. Moreover, switching to renewable energy makes us less dependent on energy in other countries. And it’s the perfect way to save a lot of your energy bill, especially now with energy prices so high.

Therefore, ATTB (Confederation of Belgian Thermal Technologies Sector), FRIXIS, the professional association of the division of refrigeration companies WPAC (heat pump manufacturers and suppliers) and the Belgian Solar Boiler Association Belsolar are pleased to note that both the federal government and regional authorities are taking measures that encourage the selection of a space heat pump or Space and water heating, for a heat pump boiler or for a solar powered boiler for sanitary water heating.

Temporary reduction in value-added tax from 21 to 6%

On June 15, the federal government decided to reduce the value-added tax rate for heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters from 21% to 6% for homes less than 10 years old. This VAT reduction applies to all fixtures from April 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

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Best premium conditions in 3 regions

In addition to or in addition to the VAT reduction, any renovator who chooses to heat their home and/or domestic hot water in an energy-efficient manner using a heat pump, heat pump boiler or solar boiler can apply for energy premiums.

In Flanders, until 30 June, the renovation premium and energy premiums had to be applied for the new installation of the space or for heating the hot water separately. Since 1 July 2022, the premium system has been reformed and the Flemish renewal premium and power premium have been combined into a single meter under the name Mijn Verbouwpremie. Here, additional increases are expected for middle and lower income groups and for all target groups – premiums for heat pump boilers (from a minimum of 350 euros to a minimum of 450 euros), for air-to-water heat pumps (from a minimum of 2,250 to 3,000 Minimum EUR and Hybrid Air and Water Heating Pumps (from EUR 1500 to EUR 2000 minimum) This premium is always a maximum of 40% of the bill, except for the lower income category where higher premium amounts also apply, where the premium is up to a maximum of 50% for example For example, for a solar water heater, you can get a premium of up to 2,750 euros or up to 3,300 euros if you belong to the lower income category.

In Wallonia, an energy audit was always required to be able to rely on primary housing, but especially to encourage the citizens of Walloon to switch from a heating system based on fossil fuels to a renewable one, an excellent new scheme was introduced. For heat pumps, heat pump boilers and solar boilers where energy audit is no longer a requirement. This system is valid for bills from February 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

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And in Brussels, with the switch from the old installments to the new Renolution installments, the premium amounts for heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters will remain the same, but there is no limit to this premium amount based on the bill.

All premium amounts on information platforms

Want to know the exact premium amounts or are you looking for more non-brand information about heat pumps or heat pump boilers in general? Then browse to www.InfoWarmtePomp.bethe information platform ATTB (Confederation of Belgian Sector for Thermal Technologies) and FRIXIS, the professional association of the division of refrigeration companies WPAC (manufacturers and suppliers of heat pumps).

For additional information about solar boilers or solar boiler premiums, interested parties can visit www.InfoZonneBoiler.beBelsolar, the information platform of the Belgian Solar Boiler Association.

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