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VDAB receives additional resources to guide Ukrainians

VDAB receives additional resources to guide Ukrainians

The VDAB, the Social Inspectorate and the Economic Migration Service will receive additional resources and personnel to assist Ukrainian refugees in their search for work and protect them from exploitation. The Flemish Minister of Labor and Economy Hilde Krewitz (CD&V) announced this on Tuesday.

VDAB includes an additional 47 brokers who are provisionally recruited. They should direct Ukrainians, who, thanks to TPS, can immediately start getting a job. The intention is to limit the integration process to an average of three months instead of nine months. In any case, each Ukrainian will also receive a brochure in which the VDAB is submitted. They will also be routed to VDAB via PCSWs. 154 Ukrainians are already automatically registered in the VDAB.

Already 2,589 jobs for Ukrainians

On March 15, a VDAB call was launched where employers can report vacancies for Ukrainian refugees via #werkplaatsvrij. Meanwhile, 2,589 vacancies have already been posted via that platform. VDAB will also translate the most important offer into Ukrainian, so that the refugees are aware of their rights and obligations.

By helping Ukrainian refugees who are willing and able to find work, we ensure that they become financially independent faster. On top of that, it also gives them a network and social connection so they can feel at home here,” Crevits answers.

In order to combat the exploitation of Ukrainian refugees, ten additional inspectors from the Social Inspection Service were appointed. The goal is to be able to take an additional 500 scans. The Economic Migration Service will also receive additional employees, ensuring that Ukrainians who want to start a self-employed business get a professional card more quickly.

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