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Verstappen close to world title: "Small mistakes from Mercedes are now being punished" F1

Verstappen close to world title: “Small mistakes from Mercedes are now being punished” F1

Will it be Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton? all about it. For the first time in years, we’re seeing an exciting season in Formula 1. “As long as it’s still mathematically possible, Hamilton won’t give up,” says Chris Waters, Formula 1 commentator at Play Sports, on the De Tribune podcast.

2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Seven world championships in Formula 1 under the name Lewis Hamilton. And also by an increasing margin in the second: between 2017 and 2020 it increased from 46 to 124. Until this season.

Chris Waters started his talk: “Since the introduction of hybrid powertrains in 2014, Mercedes has really been the one who hit the clock.”

“A few times Red Bull managed to make a fist mid-season, but then the booty was already there for Mercedes. Then they started to focus on their car for next season and they always stayed a step ahead. This year we’re going to do that. Look at it ‘first for Red’ Paul to compete for the win from the start.”

“At the moment the ball seems to be rolling into Verstappen’s camp. However, all the experts had identified Hamilton as the favourite before this season, because Mercedes found something in the rear suspension that allowed the car to move faster on a straight line. But that’s great: Both teams are still working hard to improve the car, while they usually fall behind towards the end of the season.”

“Verstappen has an incredible feeling in his left foot”

Where the Dutchman once again went through the bends in his younger years, he now appears to be calculating his risk analyzes perfectly. Dare, but he can also handle it. He showed that yesterday with a very late but correct braking maneuver at the start of the Mexican Grand Prix.

“There was also a lot of work to be done before the start. Because Mexico – at a great height – is in principle a Red Bull track, because the loss of power is better compensated for. But what happens in qualifying?” The front line consists of Bottas and Hamilton . Which also created additional tension in the run-up to the start. But Verstappen has an excellent start, taking advantage of the slope and racing past Bottas very quickly.”

“I would have liked to have seen the Mercedes debriefing, because it seems to me that Bottas wanted to pass himself first. Perhaps his impending departure and separation from the second violin has something to do with that.”

“But Verstappen also just overtakes Bottas because he brakes so late,” Waters knows. “It’s not obvious, because you’re driving at 300 km/h and the tires haven’t reached the temperature yet, so you can guess where the perfect braking point is. But Max Verstappen has an incredible feeling in his left foot “You have to kick across the wall, as it were, and at the same time Instantly reduce brake pressure. Verstappen is an expert at that.”

Perhaps Bottas was just tired of having to play the second violin?

Chris Waters

“Every fatal mistake at Mercedes is being punished mercilessly now.”

However, it would be too early for Verstappen to actually write his first world title. His British rival is very “profitable” for that.

“As long as it is mathematically possible for Hamilton, he will continue to chase the title. But in racing he can accept that Verstappen is sometimes better. Just like Verstappen can do it when Hamilton is better.”

“It wasn’t a perfect season for Mercedes, by the way. There will come a point where they are no longer No. 1. The fact that they have confirmed that six seasons in a row is half a miracle for me. Unconsciously, there is always some laziness leaking out. In Formula 1, it’s almost a percentage less But this ratio really makes an unlikely difference.”

“They, too, have not been accustomed to meeting the challenge six years ago. Any small strategic mistake that escapes the human eye is now punished mercilessly.”

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