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Very Strict Rules for VIP Guests at the Queen's Funeral: "Can't Joe Biden Put You on a Bus?"  |  Property

Very Strict Rules for VIP Guests at the Queen’s Funeral: “Can’t Joe Biden Put You on a Bus?” | Property

Politico trade magazine was able to see documents about the funeral arrangement and found that only heads of state and their associates were invited to the funeral. Westminster Abbey will be crowded due to the funeral and places are limited. Heads of state who cannot attend in person may send a replacement such as a Head of Government or a Minister.

World leaders are also not allowed to drive their own cars to attend the funeral on September 19. They were reportedly taken to the site by bus. “Do you see Joe Biden sitting on the bus yet?” The US ambassador in London expressed his regret. After the funeral, world leaders will be bused to west London, after which they can get in their car to continue their journey.

If possible, heads of state should also take commercial trips. London Heathrow Airport will not be open for private flights on the day of the funeral. If, as the head of state, you still want to come by private jet, you should try to request to land at less crowded airports. Helicopter flights to the center have also been banned due to heavy air traffic.

It is not certain whether King Philip will attend the funeral: the presence of our King has not been confirmed by the Belgian or British royals.

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