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Victor Campinaarts holds the world watch record, and Brett Dowsett...

Victor Campinaarts holds the world watch record, and Brett Dowsett…

Victor Campanaerts remains the world’s most prestigious record holder. Britain’s Alex Dawsette (33) bit his teeth in Mexico’s Aguascalientes on the 55,089 kilometers set by Campinarts on the same track on April 16, 2019. Dawset eventually finished 54,555 kilometers, the second best attempt ever.

“Fifty percent chance I’ll lose my record,” Campinaarts said in the lead-up to Doussett’s attempt. After all, the Briton was already the record holder for the hour in 2015 when he spinned 52,757 on the tables in Manchester, a record rolled out of the books a few months later by Bradley Wiggins.

Dowsett knew exactly what to expect and let him know in advance that he would establish himself on the Campinaarts schedule. He managed it quite well in the first few minutes. After four kilometers, the Israel Start Up Nation rider turned out to be one second faster than the Campenaerts. However, the experienced Dowsett did not want to run and could not or did not want to follow Antwerp’s schedule. Little by little the Briton lost time to Campaerts, after half an hour of suffering, the Briton had to surrender in four seconds to our compatriot’s schedule.

In Javier, East Flanders, the birthplace of present-day Campinaarts, one can breathe a sigh of relief. Little by little the gap widened in favor of the 30-year-old rider from Lotto-Soudal later, forty minutes later it was clear Dowsett wouldn’t have worked out his intention. Who is the next candidate?