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Vincent Bostense wins again in the United States

Vincent Bostense wins again in the United States

Sunday, October 3, 2021 at 09:25

Vincent Bestans still has the third hit of the early cyclocross season. Rider of Team Taste-Group-Hens-May Containers at Charm City Cross in Baltimore, USA.

After nearly an hour of racing and a thrilling battle, Bestans defeated two Americans: Kerry Werner and Stephen Hyde. In fourth place we see Christopher Flevins, who is especially famous as a mountain biker. The Flevins crowned themselves the first short world champion this year and won the Cross-Country World Cup at the Snow Show last month, ahead of Ondez Singh and Nino Skirter.

This is the third hit of the season for experienced bastards. By the end of September he had already won two cyclocross races in Rochester. He started his new cyclo-cross campaign with eighth place in the Etios Cross of Logan, and then finished second in a French C2 cyclo-cross after Joshua Tuba.

In women Hansinger wins
The Baltimore Women’s Victory went to Clara Hansinger. The American champion, who took the step to the absolute world summit last winter, was a minute earlier than the experienced French woman Caroline Bell. Another American was on stage with 20-year-old Katie Klaus.

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