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Visitors enjoy the multifunctional space

Visitors enjoy the multifunctional space

April 3, 16:13

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Anyone visiting the Pijnacker Meeting Center recently was able to enjoy a beautiful new multifunctional space.

Annelies Simonis: “Colleagues from the Meeting Center had previously looked at the possibilities in which visitors could do all kinds of activities. Then the idea arose to create a multifunctional space where they could challenge themselves to move. Colleagues and volunteers created all kinds of campaigns and started a crowdfunding campaign. Lots of time and energy in it and the result is great.Thanks to the many donations we have been able to realize a multifunctional space.Visitors can choose from many activities here, such as billiards or cycling with the help of maze bikes.When doing these activities,other visitors can have fun in a corner Attractive with comfortable armchairs, often leading to many conversations. In short, a beautiful and comfortable space with lovely decor. Visitors thoroughly enjoy it. We heartily commend the friends of the Weidevogelhof Foundation, the Rotary Club Foundation Pijnacker-Nootdorp and everyone who contributed to it. Together We made this possible.”

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