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Visma-LaB turns the tables on Jonas Vengegard

Visma-LaB turns the tables on Jonas Vengegard

We are now less than two weeks away from the start of the tour. The question at Visma-Lease a Bike remains whether two-time winner Jonas Vingegaard will make it to the Grand Départ. They’ve already made some adjustments.

There are still doubts

Sporting Director Merijn Zeeman was a guest at the Cycloo Wielercafé, where he provided an update on Vingegaard’s readiness. “Jonas has of course been in serious trouble since the second or third day of the Basque Country tour. He is training now.”

“He can train as usual, of course, but this afternoon (Monday 17/06, editor) we have another consultation with his direct guidance on where he actually stands. “Because training is one thing, but whether you can compete on the Tour is another thing,” he said. Zeman reveals the first doubts about the Dane.

Controlling ambitions

Because isn’t it true that Vingegaard will only go to the tour if he is 100 percent? “Yes, I said that two weeks after those falls. We have now come some way and may need to improve this further,” Zeman confirms that their expectations have already been adjusted.

It’s inevitable given the team’s continued struggles. Literal. After all, Dylan van Baerle and Steven Kruijswijk have also pulled out in the meantime. As a result, there are not many options left and the team may go to France without any real conviction of final victory.

“It’s not that the Tour is a big experiment where the best rider always wins. So, there’s also a tactical element to it, or whether you can stay out of trouble. So somewhere we’ll make the decision. We’re not yet ready to say he’ll start if he can From taking the podium.”

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A decision should follow soon

Zeman realizes that time is running out. He added: “But at some point in the coming weeks we will evaluate: When will he go and when not? How is he doing now? What can we expect and what cannot we expect? But now it is getting so close that we are gradually moving towards the moment: Are we going or not?”