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Vleesservice Penny's slogan is the worst in 2021: 'My balls weigh 130 grams' |  The best thing on the web

Vleesservice Penny’s slogan is the worst in 2021: ‘My balls weigh 130 grams’ | The best thing on the web

The slogan overcame the slogan “Delicious!” Breastfeeding at home! van Cafeteria Borst and “I amlelo”, a discovery of the municipality of Almelo. The winner of the logo election will soon receive a Blue Tile from the platform.

The elections were held for the tenth time this year. From 1 to 6 December 2021, people can vote for the 10 logos nominated by the expert jury of via The organization said that the total number of voters amounted to 4,388 voters, 6,646 votes.

Nominated Ten Worst Logos for 2021 (in no particular order)

1. My balls weigh 130 grams!! – Serve Meat Penne (Nijmegen, Gelderland)

2. Delicious! Breastfeeding at home! – Burst Cafeteria (Wisip, Gelderland)

3. I amlelo – Municipality of Almelo on a face mask (Almelo, Overijssel)

4. Better, better, goets… – Goets online store (rustic)

5. You are a happy miso maki – Happy Sushi (Rotterdam, South Holland)

6. Just hire, isn’t that what you want to choose?! – Just Liz (Utrecht, Utrecht)

7. Top New Speed ​​- Presikhaaf Connect Shopping Center (Arnhem, Gelderland)

8. “We’ll fix every hole” – Royce Vereker Verheuer (Dedham, Gelderland)

9. Hocus Pocus GRASS I wish chapter grass is all mine!!! – Vaarderhoogt Garden Center (Soest, Utrecht)

10. Enjoy a bottle of German deli. Warsteiner (national)

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