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Volkswagen offers a lot of space in a small SUV

Volkswagen offers a lot of space in a small SUV

Well, the huge interest in compact SUV models can be explained. They are simply family cars that are easy to use, spacious, but also quite compact. And also a bit tough. Great, but you want a regular, reliable brand. Spoilt for choice, which one will it be? Maybe this Volkswagen T-Cross is a good fit for you.

Every week, Autovisie searches for interesting used cars in a specific segment. We present the candidates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Today, with the last candidate of the week, we announce our favorite. This week we focus on compact SUVs priced up to 20,000 euros. The Ford Puma was the leader, followed by the Renault. As the third and final candidate of the week, we present you the Volkswagen T-Cross.

Volkswagen T-Cross (2018 – 2023)

With the T-Cross, based on the Polo, Volkswagen also offers a very strong offer in this segment. It is almost as popular. The T-Cross is also very spacious and well thought out, with a sliding rear seat, which makes the luggage space variable. The maximum capacity is 455 liters, which is really a lot.

Volkswagen T-Cross is a used compact SUV
(Image: Autoworld/Willer Venlo)

The T-Cross drives well, is comfortable enough and can be handled by everyone. The 70 kW engine is powerful enough and reaches about 1 in 16. The more powerful version (81 kW) is recommended, especially with the DSG automatic transmission. There is a wide range of used cars, such as This blue “life” is 1.0/70 kilowatts (2020, 47,000 km) for 19,950 euros in Venlo.

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Interesting points of the Volkswagen T-Cross

With a 1.0L three-cylinder engine, the engine may not respond to the accelerator pedal due to a broken throttle body. A new one needs to go there. Each cylinder has its own ignition coil. These sometimes break, causing the engine to run on two cylinders. This does not go unnoticed. It is not a disaster, but it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the catalyst will be destroyed. This can happen on any of the three cylinders. It sounds the same, but it also happens that one of the spark plugs fails.

What will the occasion be?

This trio is pretty evenly matched. The Captur and T-Cross are the most popular, so for the same money you can get a version with slightly higher mileage. Apart from that, the Puma is the most economical and drives better. So… I go for the Ford Puma!

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