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Vote for Zenne Terraces for the Public Space Award - Flemish Environment Agency

Vote for Zenne Terraces for the Public Space Award – Flemish Environment Agency

Senne's balconies bring visitors directly into the water

The water quality of the Sine River in Halle has improved significantly in recent decades. So it's time to make the waterway experienceable again and restore the connection to the city. Zenne's unique terraces, with accessible rest areas and adventure launching points, invite visitors to experience the waterway up close.

Cast your vote for the People's Choice Award

Zenne Terraces has been nominated in the Urban Projects category for the Public Space Award, which will be awarded by a professional jury at the Public Space Conference on April 24. In addition, the project has a chance to win the Audience Award. In the battle for this Audience Award, we are competing with five other projects.

Vote for Zenne Terraces (until April 23)

VMM projects have previously won awards

In 2021 we have already won awards with our partners City project in TongerenAnd in 2022 we do it again with the redevelopment project in Calkins-Mersen. Our redevelopment projects are highly appreciated by residents and visitors, and we are proud of it.

About the Public Space Conference

Infopoint Public Space is the knowledge organization and network for everything related to public spaces in Flanders and Brussels. He. She Annual Public Space Conference Wednesday 24 April brings together all those involved in policy, planning, design and management of public spaces in Antwerp. An awards ceremony will also be held at the conference.