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Ook Waals minister Jean-Luc Crucke (MR) is voor verplichte vaccinatie in Brussel

Walloon Minister Jean-Luc Croque (MR) also supports the mandatory imposition of …

Jean-Luc Kroc (MR)
Photo: Geert Jokims

Walloon Minister Jean-Luc Croque (MR) supports compulsory vaccination in Brussels. If the current policy of proximity does not bear the desired results, then there must be a return to commitment, rather than a policy on nerves of people to persuade them to vaccinate in this way.

The Brussels government has taken a number of initiatives to promote the low vaccination rate in Brussels. For example, you try to do this by getting close to people to convince them to injure their arm. The Covid Safe Ticket extension is also on the table.

“At some point, the masks will have to fall. What I can’t bear is being told you’re going to make your life miserable until you understand that you have to get vaccinated. It’s clear that there is a shortage of vaccines in Brussels, and if it doesn’t work out,” Kroki said at LN24 on Thursday. You have to extend the logic and say there will be an obligation.” According to the Liberal Minister, what should really be avoided is the closure of economic sectors and schools again because there will be a fourth wave in our country.

Vooruit President Conner Rousseau announced at ‘De Appointment’ on Wednesday that there should be no restrictions on vaccinated people in this state. In the worst case scenario, procedures will follow. Then the people who have not been vaccinated must fail to deal with the people who have taken their responsibility and shown their solidarity.” He sees opportunities in expanding Covid Safe Ticket.

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Other parties also support

Last Monday, PS President Paul Magnette indicated he was open to a discussion about mandatory vaccination. However, French-speaking socialists remain cautious. Walloon Health Minister Kristi Moriale points out that the vaccination rate is over 80 per cent and could go up. And if the fourth wave comes in the fall and hospitals can deal with the increase in infections, then we will have achieved our goal, Moriale said in an interview with RTBF. “But if we have to close restaurants or other places again, everyone will realize that we have to put the problem on the table.”

CDH said Wednesday it supports mandatory vaccination. Ecolo, which supplies the Minister of Health in Brussels, stresses the importance of pedagogy and attempts to persuade people to vaccinate.

On the Flemish side, CD&V supports compulsory vaccination for health care, but not for the rest of the population. It is important for Flemish welfare minister Wouter Beck’s party to raise the vaccination rate everywhere through incentives, such as the use of the Covid Safe Ticket, which gives greater freedom.