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Want to make your bathroom look bigger?  5 Tips and Tricks!

Want to make your bathroom look bigger? 5 Tips and Tricks!

In the Netherlands there are many homes with relatively small bathrooms, but in Flanders not all bathrooms are the same size. Fortunately, there are smart solutions that can make your bathroom look bigger! All in the right visual options. They play a more important role than you might think. Curious? We’d love to share our advice for you.

Simple decoration

In a room where so many patterns come back or where there are a lot of things, it quickly looks messy. This is why it is a wise idea to choose simple decor if you want to make the bathroom appear more spacious. Think minimalist bathroom furniture, which is simple in design. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be boring at all! Reality, Bathrooms With streamlined appearance very elegant and elegant. You are choosing a modern look that is totally in line with the current era. A little fuss, but still solid!

Few accessories in the bathroom

Let’s put it first: accessories create an atmosphere in your bathroom. You don’t have to completely leave them out. But be careful with the amount of accessories: you’d better keep this to a minimum. This also makes your bathroom appear more spacious! You can display a number of bathroom accessories, for example your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Preferably from the same line to get a perfect match! Put them in a nice place with a stylish design. Think of a wooden plank on which you gather them. With th Bath inspiration from Baden + You can showcase beautiful examples to use in your bathroom design. This way you can prepare it completely according to your desires!

Large tiles in the bathroom

Small bathroom tiles make a room appear small quickly. If you really want to design the bathroom in a smart way, choose large tiles. Whether on the wall or on the floor! This also fits perfectly with that modern jacket, which we have already discussed above.

Nice and big mirror

With a large mirror you can definitely make the bathroom appear larger visually. Makes the room appear taller than it actually is. You need a mirror in your bathroom anyway to get ready. Then it is better to immediately choose a large mirror!

Light use of color in the bathroom

Finally, the correct use of color in the bathroom is also important. The lighter the colors in your bathroom, the more spacious the room will be. Therefore, choose white, cream, beige or light gray, and it is preferable to omit dark colors. It is best to focus on one or two colors in the bathroom, as you can set both furniture and accessories. This way everything fits well together, which also contributes to the clear overall picture!

This article was written in collaboration with Baden +.

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