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Wargame's Supernova Dance Party Might Buy 1,600 Speed ​​Skates... (Wargem)

Wargame’s Supernova Dance Party Might Buy 1,600 Speed ​​Skates… (Wargem)

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The annual Supernova party at Waregem Expo has been canceled on Saturday night. The organizers set up a test village and purchased 1,600 self-tests, but they are not allowed to use it. According to the new procedures, only discos can bypass the mouth mask with quick tests. So the organizers had to cancel the event.

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A supernova party is organized at Waregem Expo every year. This year’s party is planned for Saturday 20 November, right after the last advisory panel. After Wednesday’s advisory committee, the supernova organizers decided to create a test village. In total, about 1,600 quick tests were purchased so that partygoers would not have to wear a mouth mask. However, according to the new procedures, this was not allowed. The quiz rule does not apply to parties and events.

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“Our efforts were not enough. Communication with the relevant authorities has always been very vague and only became clear a few hours ago: a supernova should continue with a mask or not at all,” the organization wrote in a statement on Friday. It was eventually decided to cancel the event, which was a serious financial loss for the organization, which shared photos of the already established party.

“We would have loved to give you all a great party and above all safe in style, but unfortunately. It is a huge hangover for us and we will have to deal with it in the coming days.”

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