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Watch Amazon Movies and Series for Free with IMDb TV App

Finally, the IMDb TV app has been launched. It allows you to watch movies and series produced by Amazon Studios.

Of course you can make a video. Then halfway through, he found out it was junk. Then conclude that you wasted half an hour of your life. Or you can check reviews beforehand. This way you can instantly see what thousands of people think about it. The movie site IMDb is a great resource for checking out if a movie is great, awesome, or in between. But the platform is much more than that.

IMDb TV-app

IMDb TV is a streaming service from Amazon And completely free to use. This platform allows you to watch movies and series with advertisements and some shows produced by Amazon Studios. The service can already be used in IMDb’s own application, but it has now been given its own application for the first time. very nice.

VPN required

The IMDb TV app is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Please note that this is an American app. Unfortunately, you cannot download the app in the Netherlands via the Play Store. In this case, use a VPN to access the app.

If you prefer to watch IMDb TV on the big screen, this is also possible, there has been an app for Smart TVs from various well-known brands for a while.