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Watch out for “voicemails” that put viruses on your smartphone

Watch out for “voicemails” that put viruses on your smartphone

Safeonweb, the government agency that monitors cyber security in our country, warns of Flubot virus spreading on smartphones. The software is distributed via a text message that appears to indicate that the phone user has a new voicemail message. In fact, behind the link in the message is a digital virus.

The Flubot virus actually ended up on thousands of Belgian smartphones last month via a text message that supposedly came from bpost. It is a dangerous virus that does a lot of damage and also spreads quickly to the victim’s phone contacts.

Do not download the app

Now Safeonweb warns with an SMS: “New Voicemail”, followed by a link. If you click on the link, you will be prompted to download an app. “Do not do this under any circumstances,” Safeonweb warns. “A virus will then be installed on your device that can access your personal information such as passwords, bank card details and your entire contact list.”