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WECANDANCE Beach Festival takes a new direction with its 2024 dress code. 'Self-expression is key' |  Nina

WECANDANCE Beach Festival takes a new direction with its 2024 dress code. 'Self-expression is key' | Nina

Summer is not over yet, however, WECANDANCE is already announcing its theme for 2024. The famous beach festival immerses its visitors in a new world every year, and this year should be an “enlightening” experience.

After an incredible 10th anniversary last summer, electronic beach festival WECANDANCE is gearing up for a transformation this year. The organization announces a new creative director: Dennis Vanderbrook. Not only does the festival take a new artistic path, but its theme and associated dress code also promise boldness and innovation.

Self-expression is central

After all, at WECANDANCE 2024, we can showcase fashions with the slogan “Drop in the Light, Rise in the Dark”. It couldn't be more fitting for a twelve-hour festival held first during the day and then at night in the sand dunes of Zeebrugge. “This year we celebrate the bright and dark sides of life,” says creative director Vanderbrook. In August, visitors will be able to spend two weekends at the club in a lively and energetic atmosphere, where day and night come together.

© Mackelberg Wouter

But how does this theme translate to the outfit? On the pinterest board From the beach festival, you can see that she is inspired by the runway looks of luxury brands like Gucci, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Prada and Loewe from recent fashion weeks. There, contrasting outfits in soft and light tones alternated with dark and mysterious silhouettes in black, grey, burgundy, navy blue, copper and emerald green.

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You can also create light by showing off shiny, glitter, sheer fabrics and bare skin in your clothes. Who wants to go to The dark side, Layers can then be chosen for a nice mysterious effect.

From left: Spring 2024 runway shows from Acne Studios, Gucci and Dion Lee.
From left: Spring 2024 runway shows from Acne Studios, Gucci and Dion Lee. © Getty Images/Goronway

The main focus is self-expression. “I would like to encourage our visitors this year to choose their clothing and appearance based on their personal feelings and interpretations, rather than simply following fashion trends,” Vanderbroek adds. A call from the organizers to allow yourself to dress up and wear what you want. “With the new theme, we also want to embrace interests other than fashion, such as art, design and music. The goal is to be able to show more of yourself in all aspects.

More stages and the first series of artists

On Saturday 3, Sunday 4, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 August, the festival plans to immerse its visitors in the revolution. Last year there were seven stages at the festival site, and there will be eleven this summer.

With the announcement of the new theme, WECANDANCE also launches the first part of the lineup: $hirak, EMILIJA, LSDXOXO, Satori, Nissa Michelle, Kilimanjaro, Chloé Caillet, DJ Gigola and more. In addition to familiar genres such as hip-hop, techno, disco, women's pop, power house and live performances, there will also be room for subgenres such as amapiano, which is now on the rise. Although we will have to wait a while to try everything.

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