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"Wesley (Club Brugge) was on his way to...Manchester United"

“Wesley (Club Brugge) was on his way to…Manchester United”

After years of injury, Wesley Moraes hopes to become a footballer again in the old nest of club Brugge. After his starting place against Charleroi last weekend, it appears that the first steps have already been taken, although it is not yet clear if he will play again on Friday night against Ohio Lovin.

Blau Zwart undoubtedly wants to deal with the 24-year-old Brazilian, who returned after his record move to Aston Villa in the summer of 2019. The Birmingham side that had been promoted to the Premier League then paid no less than 25 million, in that time. A new milestone for both clubs. During his early months, Wesley also got off to a strong start. The powerful striker turned out to be a regular, scored six goals and was even selected for the national team.

But on New Year’s Day, disaster struck, because on a visit to Burnley he ruptured the cruciate ligaments in his knee. Brutal bad luck, now says his supervisor Gilberto Tavaras latest news. After all, according to him, Wesley was on the alert for a new transition. “After half a season in England, he was able to go to Manchester United. Because of that injury, negotiations immediately collapsed,” it seems at last. A missed opportunity for the one-time international, who is now fully focused on the next step in his rehabilitation.

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