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What a finale: Genk give up 0-2 entirely in Antwerp |  Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021

What a finale: Genk give up 0-2 entirely in Antwerp | Jupiler Pro League 2020/2021

  1. 44 ‘- Jill – Abdullah Sik
  2. 31 ‘- yellow – Brian Heine
  3. 22 ‘- goal – Paul Onwacho (0-1)
  1. 90 + 2 ‘- goal – Dylan Patubinska (2-3)
  2. 90 ‘- Goal – Deomerci Mbokane (2-2).
  3. 89 ‘- ferf. Aurelio Botta by Felipe Avenatti
  4. 89 ‘- yellow – Deumercy Mbokane
  5. 82 ‘- ferf. Angelo Preciado Pape Quasi Eboue
  6. 70 ‘- Berger Verstreet continued by Peter Jerkins
  7. 70 ‘- verve. Jordan Lukaku, the door of Koji Miyoshi
  8. 68 ‘- Goal – Didier Lamkel Zee (1-2)
  9. 67 ‘- ferf. Paul Onwacho by Cyriel Dessers
  10. 64 ‘- goal penalty kick – Paul Onwacho (0-2).
  11. 55 ‘- yellow – Didier Lamkel Zee

Antwerp dealt a sledgehammer hit Racing Genk on the last day of the regular competition. Genk thought he had his sheep on dry ground after two goals from Unwacho’s top scorer, but Antwerp put it all in the unexpected end.

Antwerp Racing Genk in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: It was unclear for a long time whether Didier Lamquil’s target was an important costume. The VAR finally agreed to the target and this target has the wings of Antwerp. Ultimately it becomes 3-2.
  • Man of the Match: With two goals, Paul Onwacho concluded the regular competition with 29 goals. However, he wasn’t the best man between the lines today. This honor belongs to Lior Raphaelov. With two assists, he decided the match in favor of Stam # 1.
  • An amazing statistic: With 26 chances to score for Antwerp and 23 for Racig Genk, we didn’t see the season finale tonight. exactly the contrary. It was a great sight from start to finish, and more so in qualifying.

Genk seems certain, …

In a direct duel for second place, Racing Genk had the best results from the first blocks on Bosuil. Visitors came across Bongonda as an early threat, but he targeted Seck at close range.

After twenty minutes of play, Antwerp goalkeeper de Wolff had a bad save for Presiadio’s shot. Onwacho’s best scorer there was like a chicken to take advantage of the season’s 28th at close range.

The score due 0-1 only lasted into the second half. In the back of Antwerp, things went completely wrong. Onwacho – again – took the ball and scored a penalty kick after touching De Wolff and turning himself on.

… but still give it away

Then the Nigerian was changed tall and this resulted in a transformation. Lamkel Zé immediately took interest in the call goal after a nice solo action at 16 after they didn’t get the ball away at Genk after a few long shots.

And it seemed that the guests had gone to Limburg with the three points, but that was without Lior Raphaelov. With a perfect free kick and a similar corner kick, Deomercy Mbukani and Dylan Batubensika scored another two goals in extra time with his golden referee.

Thanks to the victory, Antwerp closes regular competition in second place, 13 points behind leaders Club Brugge.

Trainers’ responses:

  • John van de Broome: “I’m disappointed after an unnecessary defeat. If you get to a safe lead 0-2 here, you have to keep it. We might have used the space more, but we were pushed back too far. That was tasteful. In the Cup final, we didn’t do well.” The duels lost a lot, especially in the recessions. “
  • Frankie Vercuterin: “We played a two-faced match. We couldn’t put pressure in the first half, but then we turned it around without being effective. After the break, we played a very good game and won well in the end. After the break. We kept going with two clean goals and didn’t lose. That was. The team needs to. We kept playing football. My team was rewarded for their faith. “
  1. The second half, at 10 pm 36. Antwerp wins! end of the match! Antwerp wins at the end of Genk 3-2. Thus, he enters the playoffs with a reward of 4 points. For Racing Genk, this is a sledgehammer, one week before the Belgian Cup Final. .
  2. The second half, at 10 pm. 34. Over and over! Unlikely! Antwerp is still on its way to victory. Rafaelov’s corner kick was nicely scored by Batobinska at the goal from close range. What a lock! .
  3. The second half, 10 pm 33. Antwerp is still doing everything possible. Substitute Avenatti nearly scored on his first ball test. .
  4. The second half, 22 hours 32. Then still 2-2. Mbukani beats his goalkeeper Questa with an elaborate free kick from Raphaelov. The ball goes to goal across the crossbar, and is still 2-2. .
  5. Second half, 10 pm 31. Thorstvedt leaves the referee. Thorstvedt almost decided to race for Racing Genk. It comes in shot after composition is smooth, and Dee Wolff goes flat. Dessers need a lot of time to bounce back. .
  6. The second half, 22 hours 29. Things are still going well up and down in the final stage. Will the home team get another point from the shot? .
  7. The second half, 22:26. A simple double match between Mbukani and Lamkel Zai almost gives you a good chance. Kawase must do everything in his power to prevent an opportunity. .
  8. The second half, 22:25. Hongla bites pain after a duel. He makes a foul, but the free kick does not create any new danger to the goal. Vandevoordt formally goes out and picks up the ball. .
  9. The second half, 22:23. Cuesta made her shake at close range, but she did so from offside. No 1-3. .
  10. The second half, at 10 p.m. Racing Genk finished another corner kick, after Hrosowski’s shot in De Lat. Is the limburger still doing something with it? .
  11. The second half, 10 p.m. There is Genk again. Bongonda reaches the back line, but finds no one in front of goal. & Nbsp; .
  12. Raphaelov on the column. A clever criticism from Refaelov hits the post. Vandevoordt didn’t have a chance. He was dumbfounded. . Second half, at 10 pm 18.
  13. The second half, 10:17 pm, Artega retreated with Botta. Once again, the Antwerp player can do well, throwing Vandfordt himself in the way of the shot. .
  14. The second half, at 10 p.m., another fifteen minutes left on the clock. Is there still an equivalent to Antwerp? .
  15. The second half, at 10 pm. 16. The second half is more balanced. In Antwerp, they attend with many at the age of sixteen. Botta finds Lamkeel Zi in front of goal, his head is very faint. .
  16. Mouse. The video assistant referee looked at the photos for a long time, but agreed to the target. We have another game. . Second half, at 10 pm 11.
  17. The second half at 10.10 pm There is a goal of communication. At Genk they can’t get the ball out of the way after a few long shots. Lamkel Zé brings Antwerp back into the game after a long period of work in the penalty area. Does he do it offside or not? .
  18. Second half, 10 pm 09. Raphaelov seeks Vandefordt. With luck, Raphaelov is able to print at the age of sixteen. The Golden Shoe targets Vandford Central. .
  19. The second half, 10.08 pm The Gooden Steyr match ended immediately. He was replaced by Cyriel Dessers. .
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