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What are the main differences between humans and other mammals?

What are the main differences between humans and other mammals?

Humans and other mammals share many similarities, such as a hairy or furred body, spine, organs, and caring for their young. However, there are also some important differences that make people unique. Perhaps the most important thing is that we have language and writing so that we can communicate with others like us who are not here and who live now.

  • Large Brains: Humans have the largest brains of all mammals relative to their body size. This enables us to perform complex cognitive skills such as abstract thinking, language use, planning and problem solving.
  • Language: Humans are the only species that can develop and use complex language. Language allows us to share ideas, collaborate and pass our knowledge from generation to generation.
  • Culture: Humans have developed complex cultures with unique traditions, arts, music, and technologies. Culture is transmitted through learning and does not depend on instinct.
  • Walking Upright: Humans are the only primates that can walk upright. This makes us more efficient in traveling long distances and frees our hands for other tasks.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Humans have dexterous hands and opposable thumbs, which allow us to make and use complex tools.
  • Smaller jaw: Humans have smaller jaws than other primates, which is related to our advanced language and speaking abilities.
  • Collaboration: Humans are highly social creatures and can form complex partnerships. We work together to gather food, defend ourselves, and care for our young.
  • Altruism: People show altruistic behaviour, helping others even at their own expense. This behavior does not depend on instinct, but on complex social norms and values.
  • Self-Awareness: Humans have a unique level of self-awareness. We are aware of our existence as individuals and can reflect on our thoughts, feelings and motivations.
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These characteristics make humans unique in the animal world. They have enabled us to succeed in diverse environments, develop complex technologies, and build rich cultures.