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What are these amazing symptoms that affect people with the Omicron variant?

What are these amazing symptoms that affect people with the Omicron variant?

While the Delta variant continues to send people to the hospital, Omicron is highly virulent and the number of infections is increasing. According to scientists, 1 in 2 Europeans will be affected by the latter in less than a month. And if specialists and politicians agree that it is less dangerous, then it has surprising symptoms.

disgusting smell

In addition to the classic flu-like illnesses, fever and extreme fatigue, we saw a few days ago that Johns Hopkins Medicine found that 20% of O’Miron patients had diarrhea. And that’s not all…

According to the website Fifth Sense, a British association for patients with smell and taste disorders, the latest forms of Covid-19 do much more than just anosmia (a disturbance or loss of the sense of smell) and aging (a problem or loss of the sense of smell). taste). Patients also suffer from parosmia.

I’m not hungry anymore

This phenomenon causes disturbances in the smell and taste of ingested food. Children and teens can usually be compared to the unpleasant smells of trash cans, trash, or even sewage, and it can lead to a loss of appetite.

Fortunately, these new symptoms are usually short-lived, as American scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that many of the symptoms have not yet been verified. Beware of hypochondriacs.

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