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What Clouzot doesn’t believe: “Then my franc dropped.”

What Clouzot doesn’t believe: “Then my franc dropped.”

Filling Sportpaleis thirteen times is an impressive achievement. Messrs. Clouseau themselves are well aware of this.

“The last time, which was eight years ago, we only did four concerts,” Quinn Waters tells Radio 2. “This of course is still a lot, every artist would immediately want to sign it.”

So he and Chris Waters thought they could do about four or five again. “For me, it was ideal: it would last until the end of December. Then I could leave for the Dakar Rally on January 1,” Quinn said.

However, their fans made a different decision: ticket sales went crazy. “It has not started yet, and we have already received a message: we will be ready to communicate about the second and third offers.”

He wanted to warn others not to go too fast. However, as he was writing his letter, he was told that bids 2 and 3 had already been sold out and that bids 4 and 5 would be announced immediately.

He didn’t believe it, so he went to check for himself. He went to the website and discovered that if he wanted to buy a ticket, there were more than 27,000 people ahead of him on the waiting list.

“Then it struck me that not everyone on this site buys just one ticket. You also do it for friends and family. So, 27,000 on average x 4 or so… In short, 120,000 tickets were sold in one hour. There are now 187,000 “