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What is color troping?

What is color troping?

The British monarch’s birthday has been celebrated with Trooping the Color for more than 260 years. This immediately reveals the reason for the great celebration: the king’s birthday is celebrated on this day.

More than 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians will gather on June 15, 2024 to properly celebrate King Charles’ birthday. Although his real birthday won’t come until November 14. Color forces It has been celebrated for centuries, but how did it actually happen?

History forces color

The history of the military celebration of this national holiday dates back to the early eighteenth century, when colors were… [de vlaggen red.] Members of the battalion were moved through the ranks so that the soldiers could see and recognize them. Hence the name Color forces From: meaning of offer (Troops(with logo)color)’. Since 1748, this military parade also marks the king’s official birthday.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (right) during Color Squad (1956).

the offer

During the ceremony, military guards honored the king by displaying flags and parading. the Color forcesduring which the banner is displayed Horse guards processionlarge open space Horse Guard Road in London.

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Queen Camilla, Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Prince George during their color ensemble (2022).

The show, which consists of rides and riders, begins at Buckingham Palace And then he walks through The mall by St. James Park. Then the show switches to Horse Guard Road. There are usually many spectators along the way.

Nice to see: Photos of Trooping the Color over the years.

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Charles, William and Anne wander in color

Charles, William and Anne in 2015.

By horse

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) rode her horse on the trail until 1986. A tradition adopted by many members of the British royal family. Prince William, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward have already ridden on horseback. King Charles also rides on horseback, for example in 2023 during his first Trooping the Color appearance as king.

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Color Troops 2023.

At the end of the show, the royal family returns Buckingham Palace. There, the royal family gathers on the balcony to watch 70 planes fly overhead.

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Aviation in 2023.

Color forces

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and other members of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (1972).

Prince Louis Trooping the Color

Prince Louis is clearly excited as the planes take flight during Trooping the Color 2023.

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Photos: Afghan National Police

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