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What should Utrecht Science Park look like in 2040?

What should Utrecht Science Park look like in 2040?

Thousands of add-ons and homes must be created in the Utrecht Science Park. The city of Utrecht is growing, so the science park must grow with it. That’s why the first version of the futuristic vision of the former Uithof now exists in 2040.

More homes, offices, businesses and amenities, and that’s as sustainable as possible while preserving green spaces. That’s actually in a nutshell what the plan is in the Environmental Vision for Utrecht Science Park 2040. The accessibility of the area has been under pressure for some time, so it needs to be worked on; Better public transport and more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

homes and jobs

In the coming years, there will be space for more than 4,000 new jobs. This space is created by building in places where parking spaces are currently located or where old buildings of the University of Utrecht and UMC Utrecht are located. If car use continues to decline and other traffic measures are taken, the number of jobs could rise to 8,000. The Utrecht Science Park itself should become as car-free as possible.

In addition to employees, there should also be more residents. The number of homes should double by 2030. According to the vision, there is still room for an additional 4,000 housing for students until 2040. The Utrecht Park Science Center also needs more facilities and the Olympus Sports Center can be expanded.

Unique character

“USP is already a vibrant and innovative field of knowledge that calls for meeting, movement and connection. We want to preserve and develop this unique personality in the future,” says Alderman Klaas Verschuure (Spatial Development), “We provide scope for growth in living, working, sports, accommodation and leisure. In At the same time, we want to enhance the landscape and give the parks the opportunity to stay.”

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The vision that has now been published is still a draft plan. Anyone can comment on the document and plans through this site.