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What will NASA's Moon mission entail in February 2022

What will NASA’s Moon mission entail in February 2022

NASA has been in the news so much in recent days that the launch that was supposed to be next month has been pushed back to February. As long as it’s moving forward and going well, because the launch is all about the mission to the moon that NASA has on its agenda. In fact, it is possible that the Orion capsule will also go to the moon.

Orion to the Moon

Orion will fly toward the moon in February 2022 (if all goes well). It is an unmanned mission that you must prepare for a manned mission to that big moon with all its craters. For Orion, the moon should be a piece of cake: the ultimate goal is for the spacecraft to plunge deeper into our solar system. Who knows, that might come across the second planet Mars?

For now, Orion is taking things easy: in February it will head toward the moon. The idea is that it should also make manned space travel to Mars possible. Orion is the flagship: he should go and see everything without a crew, so we hope we get to places in space with the crew. In short, the pressure on Orion’s shoulders is great.

Artemis 1

In the Artemis 1 mission, as Orion’s flight is called, he flies farther than any aircraft ever built for humans. It travels 280,000 miles from Earth: thousands of miles behind the moon over the course of a mission that will take about three weeks. Orion will stay in space longer than any other spaceship has ever done without docking at a space station and returning home faster and hotter than ever before.

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“This is a mission that will really do what has not yet been accomplished and learn the unknown,” said Mike Sarafin, Artemis I mission manager at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “It will pave the way for humans to follow on Orion’s next voyage, and push the edges of the envelope to prepare for that mission.”

space launch system

Orion was recently successfully installed on a Space Launch System rocket, marking the beginning of a new era for NASA. One in which we as human beings are learning more and more about our solar system. As exciting as this may sound, things are not going smoothly. Space travel remains and this is always a challenge: launches are often postponed, due to uncooperative technology, due to weather and even due to political games.

The advantage of Orion is that there are no people on board, so the February launch of Orion is expected to be a realistic thing. It will be launched into orbit around the Moon via a Space Launch System rocket. All to facilitate a manned mission to the moon called Artemis. Artemis It is a popular program because it means the first woman to set foot on the moon and the first black person. In any case, there are many women on board, and that’s a big difference in how difficult it has been for female astronauts in the last century.

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