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WhatsApp gets a new control function for group admins

WhatsApp gets a new control function for group admins

WhatsApp is working on a feature that would give group admins more control over who they allow in the group. The feature is currently only available in a beta version of WhatsApp. This version will be released by the Google Play beta program and the build number will be In this new beta we also see new emojis.

Join group

Currently, anyone with an invite link can join a WhatsApp group. With the new beta update for The WhatsApp However, this must change, reports WABetainfo† The group admin will soon have access to a new option. This option will be called “Approve Group Membership” and should ensure that people can’t join a group exactly like that. The new feature gives administrators the option to accept and/or decline any request for group membership. This should allow group admins to better manage their groups.

In addition to this feature, group administrators should also receive information about all incoming requests. All these requests should be placed on a separate page where group admins can view them. The functionality should probably be included as an option. So it will be up to the group admin(s) themselves to enable or disable the function.

Availability of features

As mentioned above, the group membership approval feature is still in development and is currently only in beta. It is not known if the feature will actually be rolled out or not, but it is expected to be rolled out.

Everyone who joins a group can be manually approved by the admin or one of the group admins

new emoji

In the beta update, WhatsApp also comes with a number of new emojis. These are six emojis that have different skin tones and different hair colors. Plus, they all have a beard that matches their hair color, right? You can view the emoji below.

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