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WhatsApp will soon let you reply to messages with emojis

WhatsApp will soon let you reply to messages with emojis

Now to reply to a message on WhatsApp, you have to quote or copy it and then leave a comment. This appears to be expanding soon. You can read exactly how this works here.

Read on after the announcement.

WhatsApp reply to messages: Coming soon with emoji

According to the well-known source WABetaInfo Works The WhatsApp New option to leave comments on sent messages. This allows you to send an emoji directly to something that was said earlier in the conversation. This way you no longer have to quote or copy that part in its entirety, as you do now.

The mentioned feature is not yet available, but it is currently under development. WhatsApp will set requirements for the version of the application you are using to use the new functionality. If you are using an older version, it will not work and the recipient will see the message below.

WhatsApp follows apps that already offer a similar option. For example, using chat apps like Signal or Slack, you can quickly reply to a message by choosing an emoji. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have any screenshots yet on what exactly the feature looks like. It’s also unclear how exactly responding with an emoji works in group chats. We assume this is the same as with Slack, for example.

If someone leaves a message there, other participants can reply with their own emoji, or choose an icon that has already been used by someone else. Because of this possibility, the function is often used to measure interest in a topic, for example.

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First for WhatsApp testers

As with almost all new features in WhatsApp, the above functionality will be available to testers first. Because there is a file WhatsApp beta. Thousands of people use it, test new features and leave feedback for developers. They can then address this as necessary and fine-tune the application before rolling out the job to the general public.

If the functionality has already been rolled out, you will of course read that on Android Planet! Don’t miss any WhatsApp news? Monitor the website, download a file Android Planet . app Or subscribe to our site Android Planet Newsletter.

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