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Why do you suffer from migraines especially on weekends

Why do you suffer from migraines especially on weekends

The body sometimes works in miraculous ways. When you finally have time to enjoy the well-deserved weekend, you suddenly find yourself in a darkened bedroom suffering from migraines. Do you think you are the only unlucky person? Unfortunately, due to chronic stress, many suffer from migraines on the weekends.

Weekend migraines and holiday flu

It’s pretty stupid, but when people take time off (whether it’s a vacation or a long weekend), they are more likely to get sick. Dr. said. Sarah Jarvis at Barber† “Interestingly, there is also a well-known phenomenon called ‘weekend migraine,’ where people get severe migraines during their days off, rather than when they have to work.”

So it’s exactly in the moments when we really want to unwind for a while that health ailments hit us. Perhaps this is because in those moments we no longer hide our chronic stress. Short term stress can be a good thing. says Dr. Jarvis. Evolutionarily speaking, this was useful, for example when our ancestors had to flee from danger. During our daily lives, it can also help us complete certain tasks (focusing on the can), but in the long run, stress is always harmful. This leads to high levels of cortisol which can affect your immune system.

chronic anxiety

Most people, whether they realize it or not, suffer from chronic stress. This is not even about a file WorkloadIt can also be about balancing work and private life. Failure to do so can also lead to chronic fatigue. During that holiday — or that long, long weekend — we don’t feel that much pressure, or at least much less.

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By the time you finally take a break, you may have (unconsciously) become exhausted. Dr. says. Jarvis. In other words: You are more sensitive to colds at that moment. After all, you are no longer in it Fly or fight the situation. Research shows that our pain threshold increases due to higher cortisol levels. This headache? So it feels a lot less severe than if you had a headache without stress.


Well, we now know why we fell ill while on vacation. But we’d like to prevent that if at all possible. You can do this by making sure you don’t get too much stress before you go on vacation. Easier said than done, of course.

According to Dr. Jarvis is a good layout in this a key† “Advance planning is the best way to reduce stress.” Then you don’t have to worry that all your work was not done properly right before your vacation. Of course it is also important that you continue to take good care of yourself during your vacation. Get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy – despite all the tempting snacks at your vacation destination. Good luck and God bless you!

Source: Stylist, Marie Claire | Photo: iStock