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Will Newey leave for Ferrari?  "unlikely"

Will Newey leave for Ferrari? “unlikely”

Red Bull Racing remains the topic of conversation in the world of Formula 1. Several media outlets reported this week that Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull after this season. However, former driver Ivan Capelli does not believe Newey will leave for Ferrari.

Newey plays an important role in the history of Red Bull Racing. He has been involved with the team for many years and is responsible for all of the team's championship cars. It now appears that the prominent designer will leave the team, but it is unclear where exactly his future lies. However, in recent months, he has been linked with Aston Martin and Ferrari, among others.

Former Italian driver Ivan Capelli does not believe Newey will switch to Maranello. Capelli worked with Newey at Leyton House in the 1980s, and told La Gazzetta dello Sport why he thinks Newey will not go to Ferrari: “To be honest, as far as I can judge his thinking, I think it is unlikely that he will go to Ferrari.” He will come to Italy unless there is a financial offer that no one can match, and then he may want to bring a few loyal employees with him, and then a revolution may occur, which may not yield immediate results.

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