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Will the UCI ban 'hookless rims' after Thomas De Gendt's crash?

Will the UCI ban 'hookless rims' after Thomas De Gendt's crash?

The bike tire is usually attached to the rim by a small “hook”. This technique ensured that the tire did not jump off the rim.

But new technologies mean that these accessories are no longer necessary, as engineers thought. Furthermore, this would make the tires cheaper and the bikes lighter. The third advantage is better aerodynamics, which is said to provide a 10-watt advantage.

But it seems that the new technology is not completely safe. Thomas De Gendt experienced this at the UAE Tour. Suddenly he saw his inner tube was loose and the foam, which was supposed to provide an extra barrier, blocked his front fork.

Adam Hansen, president of the CPA Cyclists' Union, immediately sounded the alarm. “We are not happy with riders competing with this new ‘hook-free’ system,” the Australian wrote on X. “Many riders and teams have expressed their concerns.”

The UCI appears to be taking these complaints seriously. “In light of some recent events, we have decided to study the matter urgently. We want to make a decision quickly.”

Will they eventually have to abandon “hookless” rims?

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