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Windsor richt blik op Hamilton en Leclerc bij Ferrari: "Gunnen elkaar niet veel ruimte"

Windsor focuses on Hamilton and Leclerc at Ferrari: 'They don't give each other much space'

Lars Leftink

Saturday, February 10, 2024 5:33 PM – Last update: 5:40 PM

Peter Windsor believes that Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari teammates from 2025, will not give each other much space during duels during that season, but Monaco has learned from past seasons and drivers like Max Verstappen will not necessarily do that. He will benefit from an internal battle within Ferrari.

Being on the live broadcast YouTube channel Windsor says Leclerc has learned from past seasons and can relate to a driver like Hamilton as a teammate. “I think he has learned from 2022 and is now a better driver. He also finished the year well. Lewis' presence at Ferrari will be so crucial that Charles will benefit from the fact that he is on the quiet side of the garage.” “He knows now that the most important thing is to just focus on his job, working with his engineers. He is fast enough to win races, win the championship, if the car is good enough.”

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Hamilton will not force Leclerc to make mistakes

“I don't expect Louis to force Charles to make mistakes,” Windsor continues. “I'm not saying they won't bump into each other and crash, for example at the start of a race. It could happen, especially if they've just become teammates, just as is happening now.” With Louis and George [Russell]. I don't know if Frederic Vasseur can manage this situation better than Christian Horner or Toto Wolff. We'll find out for ourselves. “This will be the first time that Vasseur has really found himself in a situation like this.”

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Hamilton and Leclerc give space to each other?

Windsor also firmly believes that Leclerc and Hamilton want to give each other space, but will not give it during duels and duels with other drivers. “I don't think they will give each other much space when they go side by side into the first turn. Leclerc will be tougher now that Lewis has joined the team. This is his time at Ferrari, and he will have Hamilton. I don't think he will make stupid mistakes, but I think he will “Very difficult.”