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With or without Ronaldo and Salah in Qatar?  It’s in danger tonight in the World Cup qualifying round |  World Cup opening round

With or without Ronaldo and Salah in Qatar? It’s in danger tonight in the World Cup qualifying round | World Cup opening round

20 countries are already confirmed to participate in the World Cup to be held in Qatar. Tonight is the last chance for many countries to come to that select committee. Overview of the situation on different continents.

1. Europe (UEFA)

Last Thursday, Northern Macedonia knocked out European champions Italy at the World Cup. We know tonight whether Portugal did not collide with the same stone in his home country. The winner can go to Qatar.

More games are expected in the game between Poland and Sweden, the poles have their own advantage. Wales also qualified for the final jump-off match, but will have to wait until June to see if both Bale and Go will play against Ukraine or Scotland.

2. Africa (CAF)

The 5 jump-off matches in Africa have only revealed some of their secrets in the first leg. Although Algeria (Cameroon) and Tunisia (Mali) did their best by leaving their home soil, neither team was able to win by more than 1 goal.

Ghana-Nigeria and Congo-Morocco ended in a draw, with Mo Salah’s Egypt winning against Sadio Mane’s Senegal, but Senegal have their own advantage tonight.

Matchback Overview:

  • Senegal-Egypt (External: 0-1)
  • Algeria-Cameroon (External: 1-0)
  • Nigeria-Ghana (out: 0-0)
  • Morocco-Congo (outside: 1-1)
  • Tunisia-Mali (back: 1-0)

3. South America (Conmepol)

The tie has already been put in place in South America since last week. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay can already sleep on two ears. However, it remains to be seen who will be able to play the jump-off from 5th place against the exit from the Asian opening round.

Peru is all in his hands tonight: 5th place if he wins on home soil against Paraguay. In another case, take a jump-off ticket to Colombia (to Venezuela) or Chile (home to Uruguay).


I am W G. V. PTN
1. Brazil 16 13 3 0 +31 42
2. Argentina 16 11 5 0 +19 38
3. Ecuador 17 7 4 6 +8 25
4. உருகுவே 17 7 4 6 -2 25
5. Peru 17 6 3 8 -5 21
6. Colombia 17 4 8 5 0 20
7. Chili 17 5 4 8 -5 19
8. Paraguay 17 3 7 7 -12 16
9. Bolivia 17 4 3 10 -15 15
10. Venezuela 17 3 1 13 -19 10

The top 4 teams will qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and play-off with Asian nations on the 5th.

4. North and Central America (Concacaf)

In Concacaf, a federation of North and Central American nations, no decision will be made until tomorrow evening. Canada is already adamant that the World Cup can only be avoided if they beat Mexico (domestically against El Salvador) and the United States (for Costa Rica).

Costa Rica hopes to end the first 3 places in a direct battle with the United States. Otherwise it is a jump-off against the winner of the Oceanian opening round.

5. Asia (AFC)

Within 1 day from the end of the match, 4 live tickets to Asia had already been sold out: South Korea, Japan, Iran and Saudi Arabia were able to qualify for the numbers 1 and 2 for Qatar.

Australia will first have to play a jump-off against the other team (UAE, Iraq or Lebanon) in 3rd place in June, with the team that wins that match facing 5th place from South America.

6. Oceania (OFC)

Will the Solomon Islands come to the World Cup? The Pacific archipelago has arrived within 2 matches of Qatar. The problem is, they are the 2 toughest matches.

The Solomon Islands will play New Zealand in the final of the Oceania Open tomorrow evening. The winner of that match will face No. 4 in the North and Central American Qualifiers in mid-June.

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