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With these tips, you can take the most beautiful pictures in the dark

With these tips, you can take the most beautiful pictures in the dark

You know that: You try to photograph that funny girlfriend or that beautiful view at night, but your photos are all blurry and dark? Well, this will be a thing of the past after reading this article. There are certainly ways to take sharp, beautifully exposed photos with a smartphone, even in the evening and at night. Read on together for our best tips for photos in the dark.

Shooting in the dark doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Night photographer Tim van Vliet from Amsterdam has been capturing the most beautiful pictures in the dark for years and knows all about them. What exactly should you pay attention to? How do you ensure beautiful lighting in the dark? How do you block your photos? blurry has become? Photographer Tim answers.

1. Use a smartphone with a good camera

The most important things first: If you want to take beautiful pictures at night, your smartphone should be able to do so. Tim came out with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which, thanks to smart technology and a well-equipped camera, takes clear and colorful photos in (almost) darkness. Tim: “You can take really nice pictures with this at night. You can easily leave the camera in night mode, but you can also set everything manually.”

2. Keep your phone as stable as possible

Tim: “With night photography, you quickly risk your photos becoming blurry. To prevent this, it is important that your smartphone remains stable.” You can do this by bringing a tripod or placing your phone on something, but a Samsung smartphone has an easier solution. Thanks to the Night Resolution function, several photos are taken at the same time and the best shots are automatically combined into one sharp photo. Beautiful and easy.

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3. Find an inspiring website

At night there are quite a few beautiful pictures to take. Darkness reveals a whole new world. And speaking of light, lighting on the street and from buildings can have an interesting effect on your image. Find a building with beautiful LED lights or neon letters from a strip or light that reflects off the water; Nice enough sites! Your smartphone camera must be able to properly handle these light sources. A common problem with smartphone cameras is that there is too little or too much light in the image in the dark. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a useful tool for that: this camera has a large pixel sensor that absorbs more light and a protective device. coat on the lens, making it less reflective. Results? Sharp images, without overpowering the light.

Tim Van Fleet: “The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has an easy-to-use night mode, where all the settings for shooting in the dark are already correct.” Samsung

4. Provide light source

Taking pictures in the dark won’t work if you don’t have a light source. You can use the light in the environment, highlight your own, or turn on the flash on your smartphone. Tim: “The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has an easy-to-use night mode, where all the settings for shooting in the dark are already correct.” How does this night mode work? Samsung combines powerful artificial intelligence software with hardware specifically created to take the best photos at night. This allows the camera to capture enough light, and intelligent software brings out the right details and images are sharp and clear. “That’s what makes this smartphone great for everyone: you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful photos at night.”

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5. Add a special effect

Night brings many possibilities in terms of photography. You can play with light in all kinds of creative ways. Tim’s passion is drawing with light, where you set a slow shutter speed and move light sources to create different shapes in the image. “Drawing with light is very simple, as long as the camera is set up correctly. I set the ISO to 100, the aperture between 7.1 and 11 and used a shutter speed of thirty seconds. You can use a bicycle light, flashlight, flashlight or other light source. Try it and enjoy !”

Curious about Tim’s photography skills? Check out his Instagram account via Tweet embed† for most Special experiences as a night photographer You should be here. And do you want to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S22 series? Did we get it! This new smartphone has a lot of smart features to take the best photos and videos. look at me Samsung website Find out what else the Galaxy S22 can do.

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With these tips, you can take the most beautiful pictures in the dark