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Wonderful!  'Temptation'-Delphine has lost 20 kilos since sharing (photo)

Wonderful! ‘Temptation’-Delphine has lost 20 kilos since sharing (photo)

via Redactie Online

Delphine (27) and Bert (33) are the most discussed couple so far on ‘Seduction Island’. However, registrations go back to the end of June and the beginning of July 2020. In the meantime, participants are a year older.

lost weight

During question time on Instagram, someone noticed that Delphine had lost weight. This is true, not even a little, she says herself. “Yes, 20 kg,” he looks next to a picture of what she looks like now.

no regret

Someone else asks her if she regrets sharing. “No, I learned a lot there,” Delphine replied, not yet revealing whether she and Bert eventually remained a couple. “I can’t tell you that even now, you have to keep looking for it,” it seems. Oh yeah, and another nice detail: Dolphin apparently has a hole in her tongue.

The Island of Temptation: Love or Leave can be watched every Friday at 8.35pm on Play5.

Instagram Stories /delphinedevrieze

Here is a picture of what it looked like while recording “Experience Island”:

She answered a few more questions:

Instagram Stories /delphinedevrieze

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